Hot water tank

Hot water tanks are useful for storing hot water for the purpose of domestic use until it is ready to be used and can hold between 180-225 liters of water at any given time depending on the unit.

In this process, cold water is routed to the bottom of the tank entering through a dip tube while the hot-water delivery pipe retrieves water from the top of the tank where it is directed to showers, sinks, washing machines, and other apparatus requiring hot water in your home. The water in the tank is heated by an element or burner that is periodically cycled on and off and maintained by a thermostat in order to keep the water hot. Each tank has insulation to help keep the water warm between heating cycles.

We help you choose the right type and model of hot water heater and determine if this unit is the appropriate fit for your commercial or residential property. For pre-existing models, we provide routine checkups and make sure all controls are in place for a safe environment.

  • Inspect heat exchanger
  • Clean burner/Combustion Chamber
  • Check for gas leaks on the piping to the Boiler
  • Examine wire connection and switches

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