Need Emergency Hot Water Tank Repairs?

For emergency or scheduled hot water tank repair or replacement services, contact the trained technicians at Pro Master. We will never leave you dry!

Although we do not always offer them the credit that they are due, getting a water heater to go out can derail your day fast and sometimes with no warning. In case you find yourself in the requirement of hot water tank repair in Waltham Ave, Burnaby, you have come to the right place.

Common Signs of a Faulty Water Tank

Albeit some of the signs are apparent like no hot water running from the taps, water heater issues can present themselves in many ways and can occur at any time, particularly when you are not expecting it at all. A few common signs that a water tank requires a repair are:

    • Rattling or unusual sounds coming from the water heater
    • Bad odors coming from the tap
    • Irregular hot water
    • Insufficiency of hot water

Our licensed and trained technicians can help you diagnose the problem right away and provide you info on the best options so you can get the most precise solution available. Here, at Pro Master, we aim to provide cost-effective solutions to all clients, provide honest analysis, and complete repair and replacement services that meet your budget and requirements. We make sure to make all efforts to help you find the best long-term solutions available.

Hot Water Tank Repair Services in Waltham Ave, Burnaby

Our technicians have a wide range of expertise and knowledge to offer you a quick and appropriate initial diagnosis of your water tank and capacity of getting your tank working like a new one instantly. We understand how essential hot water can be in our daily lives and assure that we will make the procedure as seamless as possible by keeping a full stock of replacement parts on hand for every major model to repair your water tank in no time, without having you to wait when parts get ordered.

Hot Water Tank Replacement Services in Waltham Ave, Burnaby

When it comes to replacing a hot water tank, our experts can help you get the correct model, make and size for your requirements depending on many years of experience in quick installation service. We provide total cost breakdowns to help the process as hassle-free as possible and our team of technicians has complete knowledge of the market for every brand available out there.

Annual Water Tank Heater Maintenance in Waltham Ave, Burnaby

We provide yearly water tank heater maintenance service to keep your tank functioning efficiently and reliably, which will highly maximize its entire lifespan. Our extremely qualified technicians are experienced enough and can make the annual routine checkups a simple procedure for clients to take benefit of. We suggest proper yearly maintenance and make a schedule for you also. Ask for your free quote and we will get back to you within 15-20 minutes during regular business hours.


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