The authenticity of the wood fire cannot be beat and the wood-burning insert is still a popular option. Nothing can match warmth from burning quality firewood, and many of the inserts can provide primary heat for your home. ProMaster offers ample amount of services, repairing process and the safety inspection as well. Some of the services contain:

Virtually each and every fire-safety organization strongly recommends the annual chimney cleaning to keep the structure safe and fully operational.

Here are almost two big reasons for professional chimney sweep services:

    • Remove flammable creosote
      Our company holds the Master Chimney Sweep certification and it guarantees you that we understand your chimney inside and out. In fact, we simply use the special brushes, vacuums and also some other tools to remove creosote from the inside of your flue to meaningfully reduce the possibility of a chimney fire.
    • Remove obstructions
      Creosote buildup makes the air-flow obstruction, and so do numerous kinds of debris such as twigs, leaves, and small-animal nests and also the small animals themselves who get trapped in the chimney and end up dying in there. In fact, all of these will simply hamper the drafting of the smoke and permit dangerous carbon monoxide to back up into your home. When we clean your chimney, all these worries are over.

Fireplace maintenances services

At our company, we bring you 25 years of experience and knowledge in all facets of fireplace and chimney restoration, containing the fireplace and also attached appliance repair. We always offer the best services to our customers and that is why we have gained a massive popularity. In fact, we always come up with the best services.

    • We inspect shut-off
    • We also inspect glass gasket seal
    • Inspect operation of controls and also the wire connection
    • We inspect proper combustion air and exhaust
    • The clean and full inspect
    • Proper inspection for CO and Gas leak
    • The inspection for proper burner ignition

When this is time to get your chimney and fireplace repairs and restorations done, you could surely select the mason to do the work for you. Though, what you may not realize is that all they do is lay block, lay brick, and do stucco work. As a consequence, most of the chimneys across the country are not up to code. As a matter of fact, we always offer you the best kind of services and repairing services to our customers.


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